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Ainsworth, Shaaron

Shaaron Ainsworth
Director of LSRI
LSRI Dearing Building School of Education Nottingham NG8 1BB
+44 (0) 115 8467671

currently unavilable - hope to have it back soon

PhD supervision: 

Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Rafael Marques De Albuquerque, Cherry Poussa, Sherriden Masters, Johhny Halls, Helen Brady, Paul Watkins, Kath Nakielski, 

Research interests: 
  • Representational Learning including learning from multiple representatiosn, visual representations and learning by drawing
  • Technology enhanced learning including educational games, CSCL, mobile learning, inquiry learning, haptics, tangibles, NUIs
  • Cognitive, social and affective processes which underlie effective learning experiences
  • Multiple Methods, especially quantitative, microgenetic studies, and design experiments
  • AINSWORTH, S.E, PRAIN, V., & TYTLER, R. (2011) Drawing to learn in science. Science, 333(6046), 1096-1097. (link to article).
  • AINSWORTH, S.E., GELMINI-HORNSBY, G., THREAPLETON, K., CROOK, C., O'MALLEY, C. & BUDA, M. (2011) The impact of anonymity in classroom debates. Learning and Instruction. 21(3), 365-378 (link to journal).
  • ANASTOPOLOU, S., SHARPLES, M., AINSWORTH, S.E, CROOK C, & O’MALLEY, C. (2011) Creating personal meaning through technology-supported science inquiry learning across formal and informal settings. International Journal of Science Education.
  • BIVALL,P., AINSWORTH, S.E & TIBELL, L. (2011) Do haptic representations help complex molecular learning? Science Education, 95, 4, 700-719.
  • HABGOOD, M.P.J & AINSWORTH, S.E (2011). Motivating children to learn effectively: Exploring the value of intrinsic integration in educational games. Journal of the Learning Sciences. 20 (2) 169-206.